What’s happenin’ guys

Whats up guys, my name is Jay Miller (check my profile for more in-depth information on my name). Im just a pretty regular college freshman with an exceptional long range jump shot, knack for throwing the deep ball, and a certain long-windedness when it comes to writing. I was born and raised in one of the greatest, tragically unheralded cities in the world: Kansas City, and am a passionate fan of the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team, Kansas City Chiefs. I am also a budding supporter of the hapless Kansas City Royals. I’m basically just a passionate fan of competitive sports in general. It hit me the other night that I get a pretty big amount of enjoyment writing about what I see in the sports world, so figured I would try one of these, and see what the 5-8 people who ever visit this blog think about what I’m thinking . I will try to keep my massive bias for the three teams mentioned above out of the picture as much as I possibly can (I’ll worry about this problem much more when the viewership inevitably develops into a massive national audience), but its sure to come up at some point. Lastly, I consider myself a pretty big music fan. So every now and again, I’ll put up a song or songs that I’m really feelin’ at the time, but the main purpose of this deal is to discuss sports.

So…I hope everyone enjoys. Feel free to email me any comments, inputs, opinions, or suggestions, positive or scathing (the fact you would even look at this blog is good enough for me). Im not really sure yet if the email deal is quite working yet so just get to me at kuhawker03@yahoo.com OR jmille43@villanova.edu. No preference on which one. Enjoy what you’re reading? Tell your friends! Think I’m a huge idiot/a-hole and should be verbally mass-rebuked via the web? Tell your friends! The only way we can get this thing from above single digit views and into the conversation for greatest blog on the eastern seaboard is to spread the word (if this enterprise is indeed worthy to be spread). Now I know everyone is just dying of anticipation for my inaugural sports-related post, so I’ll be certain to get one up tonight. I’m excited for what the future holds, if anything at all. I’m also a little bit scared I had to pay 17 bucks to get this baby goin’. Does anyone know what this means? Thats right, a case of Natural Light is on the line, my ass is on the line, and your ass is on the line. Lets get this done.